I have had a busy couple of months behind the scenes creating my new commercial website with the help of the lovely ‘Oh so Steffany’ and I love it! It ties in closely with my lifestyle website (www.helenlishmanphotography.co.uk) with a very similar feel and I can’t wait to fill it with lots of inspiring entrepreneurs.

Today is International Women’s day- and I bloody love women!!! Since working for myself and becoming a Mummy you really learn how women support, encourage and lift you up!

To celebrate women I am starting a new blog series all about female entrepreneurs over on my commercial website. Each week I will interview a different female business owner and I know exactly who I am going to start with…. watch this space. Women in business are bloody amazing. They juggle like no one has juggled before. Work, home, children and family life.

If you know an inspirational female entrepreneur please ask them to contact me at helen@helenlishmanphotography.co.uk . Each business will also be promoted on my blog.

Anyway I better crack on. My gorgeous friend and fellow entrepreneur Emma has Frank today whilst Florence is at pre-school. If you all new Emma you would know what a ridiculously lucky boy he is!!!!! She is also his Godmother so there is no getting rid of her he is stuck with that little gem for life!

Have a fabulous weekend what ever you are doing!

Helen xxx