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I am loving chatting business to all these inspiring women… the best part of it is that so far they are all my friends! So lucky to have such an incredible group of women around me as they also support me in my business too.

Today on my blog I am chatting to Sarah & Emma the creative directors and owners of Hounds of Harrogate. They are a gorgeous new brand for all dog lovers out there supplying Luxury, natural & ethical products for you doggies- bringing modern style to your hound & home! They also have a hugely popular & quickly expanding dog walking business. Take a look at their website www.houndsofharrogate.com or instagram page @houndsofharrogate to browse their shop. A selection of products can be seen below…

Name: Sarah Mellor and Emma Pratt

Age: Sarah 32, Emma 33

Business Name: Hounds of Harrogate

Job Title: Directors

Tell us a little bit about your business: Hounds of Harrogate is a modern, eco, luxury wellness brand for dogs. We have a 100% natural, wellness-based contemporary Hound & Home collection, with a strong focus on products being ethically sourced in the UK and packaging recyclable or plant based. Our stunning collection is certainly for the modern eco-conscious hound.

How did you come up with the idea?

We are both dog obsessed and were always searching for the best products available for our own dogs. We realised what we were looking for didn’t quite exist, We wanted products which are first and foremost focused on the best wellbeing for our dogs but that are also incredibly well made and look stunning in the home. So over many dog walks we decided to create our own.  The idea to use recyclable packaging was a no brainer. Its so important that we all do our bit and to have created a brand which only uses plant based/recyclable packaging is something we are very proud of.

Once you had the idea how did you turn it into reality?

We contacted top nutritionalist and experts in the field to work with us to start creating the range we now have.

What is the best thing about running your own business?

We love that we are doing something we enjoy so much every day and get to make all the decisions based on what we want to create. We both have young children so being able to create our own schedules around them works for us.

The hardest thing?

Being strict with work time to ensure a good work life balance.  When you run your own business doing something you love you want to work on it morning noon and night to be doing the best you can and make it a success.

Have you ever made any mistakes? If so what did you learn from them? 

Yes all the time (haha). It’s important to make the mistakes, they stop you making them again. I think the most important thing we have learned so far is to take the time we need to get something right, not almost right.

How do you create a good work/life balance when working for yourself?

We have set scheduled work times which we try to stick to. Not always possible especially when first starting out but important to try have 3 mindsets, Work time, family time, you time. squeezing all those in is the fun part but we genuinely feel so lucky with the help of friends and family to be able to make it work.

What or who inspires you?

I think as two woman in business we look to other woman in business, particularly other working mums. We are both very fortunate to have been raised by hard working and incredibly supportive families and as we now see our children growing up and watching us work we remind ourselves that we are they’re role models and its so important for us to show them that hard work and dedication can pay off.

Do you have any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Really look at the market surrounding what it is you want to offer people. Think about how to make it different. Take your time to really research all aspects of it and once you feel confident in that….. just got for it!

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